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Our food, Our cuisine
Our food is Vegan based cuisine with an emphasis on vegetables, freshness, and good quality. We have a diverse menu of delicious dishes from all over the region and abroad. Countries ranging from Italy and South America, to neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam. And of course we can not forgot about the dishes of our homeland Thailand. Whether it be our unique Burmese dishes such as our Tea leaves salad to our popular Broccoli and quinoa charcoal burger we have a variety dishes that will suit everyone's palates!
Serving time
9AM - 10PM

7AM - 10PM

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Who we are
We are a modern Vegan resturant and cold-pressed juice bar. Our goal is to achieve a balance by providing customers with healthier choices consisting of organic vegetables and fruits. Our vegetables are organic meaning they were not grown with any pesticides, they are also locally grown. Whether you are a strict Vegan/Vegetarian or just want to develop a more healthier lifestyle by adding organic vegetables and fruits to your diet we hope to help you achieve that. Come and join the Broccoli Revolution!
The power of vegetables and fruits
We truly believe that a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits can change you life. There are many health benefits that vegetables and fruits can provide such as weight loss, Cardiovascular health, GI health, and prevention from disease just to name a few. It's just as simple as adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet and being selective of what you put into your body. Try it out and see.